Swiss Made - Premium Quality

EIWAL® shopping cart magnifying glass Swiss made premium quality
EIWAL® shopping cart magnifying glass Swiss made premium quality

The EIWAL® is a Swiss premium quality product that is manufactured to meet all relevant criteria to be utilized in self-service supermarkets.


EIWAL® is created to be in compliance with the criteria for rugged and public use, utilizing non-toxic, environmentally friendly, high strength, durable plastic and TüV certified. Each unit can be mounted to any shopping cart quickly and easily without any problems when putting the carts together in a line.


EIWAL® is manufactured out of a glass-fiber reinforced plastic, which can be 100% recycled.


The specific design and the material used were selected in order to avoid vandalism and breakage.


 The lens itself is made of glass and not of plastic, which avoids scratching.


The EIWAL® can be fitted onto most trolleys worldwide, in a very simple manner, short time and without any special knowledge.


Each EIWAL® has a clip to hold the shopping list.   

Certified Product

The EIWAL shopping cart magnifier Type W2/OD and  EIWAL G/OD have been certificated by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH 80339 Munich in 2011 according to DIN 31000/A:2007.

(inspection report 71366322)