About EIWAL® Shopping Cart Magnifier


EIWAL® tackles the international problem of barely legible or totally illegible texts on most products in supermarkets. Throughout the world consumers, consumer advocacy groups, and the media have been asking for a simple solution to this everyday problem - EIWAL® solves the problem! 

EIWAL® as new customer service

Government regulations, brought about by consumer groups, requires product labeling to provide the consumer with important information; Product “use-by” or “sell-by” dates, ingredients, nutritional content, and pricing. These necessary laws are only of value if the consumer is able to clearly read the information provided.


The ability to understand product content is critical for OTC drugs, medical supplies, and when all health or medical related products are being considered for purchase. 

Differentiation with EIWAL®

 Many supermarkets already use  EIWAL® to differentiate from their competitors and to provide the consumer with a specific added value through generation friendly shopping.


Hereto, EIWAL® represents a symbol for costumer focus.

Tests and interviews in supermarkets

 Market research in test markets and costumer interviews has shown consumer enthusiasm for finally providing a simple solution to an every day problem. The EIWAL® adds value to the shopping experience…your customers will be grateful!